1. Steph and Klay are probably the best shooting backcourt in history. As a combination, we refer to them as the Splash Brothers.
  2. We call the Warriors the "Dubs" (short for W).
  3. When somebody accuses you of bandwagon jumping, tell them NO WAY. Why? Because the highest paid player on the roster (David Lee) sits on the bench and his 21 MM of cap space is opening up!
    And probably all going to re-sign Dramond.
  4. Everybody talks about the Dubs' offense, because duh. BUT the Warriors were also the number one ranked team in defensive efficiency for the regular season.
    As well as number one in offensive efficiency. Goes without saying that this is a great combination.
  5. Mark Jackson, the commentator who says dumb things before commercial breaks and sounds like a Brooklyn trash truck guy, was the Warriors head coach before this year. He's simultaneously been both very flattering about this and a huge buttnugget.
    For example, one of the reasons he was fired was most likely because of his incredibly poor relationship with Andrew Bogut. Notice that he makes passive aggressive dogs at Bogut all the time and never says anything positive.
  6. Steve Kerr is a humble, well-spoken coach who was lucky enough to get his job because Mark Jackson built a team with incredible defensive work ethic and the offensive strategy of the 1981 Knicks.
    Steve has said on many occasions how good of a team he inherited and has been incredibly flattering to Jackson.
  7. We call Oracle Arena "ROARacle", because if you've ever been in there (even when the team was losing 60 games a season), it's loud as fuck. No sporting venue I've been to feels as obtrusively loud. And during playoff games it's just silly.
  8. Any time you see a Warrior pull up to shoot a three, every Warriors fan must stand up from their seated position and shoot both hands straight up making the three ball sign (looks like the okay hand sign, connect the tips of your thumb and pointer finger leaving three fingers up).
  9. If you want to hide your bandwagon status you need to tell people you were on board during the We Believe year. You can google it, but it was when the Warriors became the first 8 seed playoff team to top a 1 seed.
  10. It is totally legit to quote the movie: "WARRRRRIIIIIOOOORRRRSS, COME OUT AND PLAAAAAYYYYYY!"
  11. LeBron once said that Steph is one of the "best shooters this NBA will see". Last night didn't have too many classic Steph moments, but if you keep watching you are guaranteed to see him shoot the ball from ridiculous distance and incredibly quickly for casual three balls that look like they weren't as difficult as lay ups.
  12. This series is going to be great, and you should watch it, and you should root for the team that's going to win.