stuff that might have stopped being cool but all aboard I'm riding this shit out.
  1. my man bun
    if you cut it off and put a video on the internet I will hunt you.
  2. bro tanks
    if you're not for them you're against them and literally anything cool that's ever happened.
  3. early Adam Sandler movies
    this generation of Anchorman quoting born-in-the-90s kids has go to be stopped.
  4. early 2000s pop punk/punk/emo/ska
    I don't have time to like good music. some of it is legit good but a lot of it is, um, definitely music probably.
  5. Magic: The Gathering
    still fun as hell and you can get cards at Target. my friends and I revive it like once every 16 months for about three weeks.
  6. singing Rebecca Black's "Friday" every Friday
    listed on a Friday. gotta get down on Friday.