Pliny (either) is a great beer. But even as far as the left board goes it's not my favorite. Before the constant lines, I used to get lunch here on weekdays and was at the bar almost every weekend.
  1. Supplication
    Brown sour aged in Pinot Noir barrels with cherry juice. This is my favorite beer. Period. Like ever, anywhere.
  2. Compunction
    Seasonal sour brewed with pluots and is super delightful. Sometimes better than Supplication.
  3. Dribble Belt
    Session Pale. Newest addition. Incredibly lovable.
  4. Framboise
    Seasonal. So good. Only available for a few weeks a year. But you can buy bottles.
  5. Blind Pig
    The Single IPA that everybody forgets is probably better than Elder.
  6. Row 2 Hill 56
    Pale. Incredibly solid beer. So drinkable.