in response to @EricW list of opposite results, this was at Colgate 03-07
  1. most of the band from Gatsby's American Dream
    they played my freshman year and senior year. freshman year a snowstorm blocked the headliners from getting in, so they played a set and then jammed for like two hours and it was epic. senior year they headlined and then drank with us at Nichols after the show and rumor is the singer then hooked up with one of my wife's sorority sisters.
  2. Mitch Hedberg
    this was a few months before he passed. he was incredibly cool. the fedex driver probably had something to do with it.
  3. Girl Talk
    he played the basement of my house junior year. it was really cool. he did his laptop headbang thing. it was epic. @bjnovak get him on this app dawg.
  4. Ann Coulter
    she kind of kept her cool. I did not keep my cool
  5. The guys from Broken Lizard
    they're alumni though, and they premiered club dread on campus. they kept their cool, club dread did not.
  6. Hillary Clinton
    she kept her cool.
  7. Also Dave Coulier
    he kind of lost his cool on stage because he was legit not funny, but the rumor is he had a threesome with two gphis after so I think that might've been cool.