Via trades/friends/etc I get a lot of wine for free, here are some that I would/have pay/paid for.
  1. Hawley Viognier
    It's always been good. No brainier of it's on a list. I don't know the Hawleys super well but they're really nice dudes and all the wines are solid.
  2. Bodkin Sparkling Sauv Blanc
    Chris is my boy and his wines are rockstar. The sparkling Sauv Blanc is my fave but I like many of them a lot. He made his first wine at our place and it only resulted in one hole in the ceiling so that's better than two.
  3. Patz & Hall Hyde Vyd Pinot Noir
    The 05 was one of the best new world Pinot Noirs I've ever had. If it's not crazy over priced I'm always down.
  4. Loring Wine Company Cargasacchi Pinot Noir
    Brian and Kim do a really good job with mega-New World style Pinot and all the wines are nice.
  5. Longboard Vineyards Dakine Syrah
    Oded is one of the few winemaker around us who still knows how to bring the old world elegance. We also share a building with him.
  6. Nico Wines Fiano
    Just good stuff made from awesome hidden gem varietals. We crush some of Kevin's fruit for him and the wines are super fun especially for jaded palates.
  7. Gloria Ferrer Brut Rose
    Killer pink bubbles at under $50. Pink bubbles is my favorite fuckin thing.
  8. Morgan Double L Syrah
    Badass cool climate Syrah done right.
  9. J Cuvée 20
    Because you can't say no to bubbles under $30.
  10. Ridge Geyserville
    Another neighbor with a rock solid style and consistent execution.