I'm here for work, but I'm a guest the rest of the time
  1. Ohana
    Everything that is wrong with America but delicious: all you can eat Hawaiian BBQ and the servers call you "cuz".
  2. California Grill
    I'm going to eat at the bar and then watch the fireworks. Leaving right after I hit publish.
  3. Drink like a pile of tequila.
    *swoon* The Tequila bar in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot is amazing.
  4. Big Thunder Mountain 🚂😍
  5. Citricos
    Love this restaurant.
  6. Ride a boat.
    There's hella boats here.
  7. Talk about wine.
    Kinda my job.
  8. Bore people while talking about wine.
    Let's be real.
  9. Take an awkward picture with a princess.
    So what if I'm 30 and married.
  10. Eat Cheddar Cheese Soup
    aka Choup
  11. Sweat.
    It's like walking around inside a giant wet sweater.
  12. Ride a monorail.
    Mantenganse alejado de las puertas.