shhhh don't tell on me
  1. I will eat In N Out.
  2. Destiny
    I will play a video game called Destiny which I used to play way too much of but have barely played at all in the past few weeks (my sleep in much better condition now)
  3. I will participate in some kind of bachelor-esque activity with a single friend and pretend it's edgy.
    Even though it's not because my wife is awesome and is cool with whatever anyways.
  4. I will be lonely in bed and it will make me anxious and probably not sleep well.
    ...time for MOAR DESTINY
  5. I will not do dishes. At all...
    until 15 minutes before I leave to pick her up. Leaving a pile of dirty dishes all week is scandalous in our house. I'm a fucking rebel.
  6. I will stay up too late.
    She's a teacher and goes to bed early so to hat she can be responsible at her job. This usually rubs off on me, but I'm normally a night owl by nature.
  7. I will miss my wife.
  8. I will take the dog with me everywhere because I don't like leaving him home alone.
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    He already comes with me to work every day so this will only add a few outings over the week.
  9. I will buy her some kind of gift to come home too.
  10. I will do our taxes maybe.
    or file an extension
  11. I will eat In N Out again.
  12. I will eat burritos.
  13. Basically I'm going to eat whatever I want and not clean up after myself.