poached list topic from @JODYLEE. also protip: sort by "top" on a new sub to see the classic posts that define the sub.
  1. /JusticePorn
    where assholes get what they deserve
  2. /BlunderYears
    where people post pictures of themselves from their worst years. lots of Hot-Topic-ruined childhoods here.
  3. /Glitch_In_The_Matrix
    where people post shit that happened to them that makes them think they know Kung Fu or visited an alternate dimension
  4. /RawDenim
    where denim heads revel in it
  5. /PettyRevenge
    as delightful as it sounds
  6. /BabyCorgis
    oh man
  7. You forgot /blackpeopletwitter
    There is no better subreddit and you know it
    Suggested by @kelly