Ennis is my dog. He and I are best of bros.
  1. Ennis is a goldendoodle, he's four years old.
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  2. We picked him out of a litter at 4 weeks. When he was borderline unbelievably cute.
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  3. He was an exuberant and attention-demanding puppy.
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  4. He had the regal stare thing down pat very early.
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  5. He knows all his commands as hand signs and verbals.
  6. He loooves to wade, but isn't really into swimming.
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  7. He does Down Dog on command.
    Verbal command is "DOODLE STRETCH!", hand sign command is to bend over and touch your toes.
  8. He knows how to use pillows like a human.
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  9. He is an epic cuddler.
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  10. He loves to supervise the winery.
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  11. Bonus: He's so fluffy.
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    And yes he has Christmas pajamas.