1. picking the melted cheese off your In N Out wrapper
  2. after a long hike, taking your shoes and then your socks off
    and then spreading your toes out
  3. watching a healthy, wild steelhead swim away
  4. when you thought you finished your coffee but nope there's more
    and it's still warm
  5. hammocks after anything stressful
  6. showers after sex
    better if it's light enough that you don't have to turn the bathroom lights on
  7. the brake run at the end of a really good roller coaster, and the slow roll into the station
  8. the last pancake that's half the size of the others because the batter ran out, eating it straight out of the pan
  9. using your fingers to wipe the cream cheese off your knife and then licking your fingers
    never waste cream cheese
  10. after swimming, a still-barely-wet-bathing-suit-but-almost-dry afternoon nap in summer.
    With all of the windows open and a breeze. And the sheets feel cold and your skin is warm against them.