1. Make Up
    Make Up Listers: It's not that I don't respect your unbelievable knowledge on this topic (in fact, it's legitimately impressive and kinda fascinating), it's that I'm a dude and I've been in Sephora twice and I'm still getting over it. I only wore make up once in my life and even though I look dope in eyeliner it ain't happening again. There is one photo from this evening.
  2. Vegan/Vegetarian/Paleo Alternative versions of foods
    I eat vegetarian pretty frequently and am all about dat protein but I have zero discipline so if I want Tres Leches cake I'm just gonna make Tres Leches cake.
  3. Napa
    I don't go there, you shouldn't either. I know about some of the really nice wines over there but it's basically like asking an Angeleno about what to do in Vegas.
  4. Music that people with developed musical taste listen to.
    I listen to pretty much every genre except I don't really listen to anything that hipsters think is good. Most of my music lists will be about late 90s and early 00s punk, hardcore, metal and lil wayne and Bay Area hip hop. I'm not adventurous. I don't have time for Pitchfork. It's not that I think the fancier stuff is bad, it's that I'm okay with being a total pleeb on this.
  5. Winemaking as capital-A Art.
    pretentious self-inflating hyperbole
  6. Winemaking as capital-S Science
    if it was science I wouldn't be allowed to do it.
  7. Responsible Sleeping Habits
    the only time I've been capable of this has been with abusive usage of Advil PM which by definition is not responsible. also the dreams get wacky.
  8. Taylor Swift
    I don't get it. Sorry.
  9. Cats
  10. Serious TV shows.
    I don't do Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. I do Agents of Shield and Big Bang Theory and River Monsters. Sorry not sorry.
  11. Right Shark
    Left Shark and San Jose Sharks are fair game though.