1. I got coffee at 8:45 am and it's still warm at 4:16 pm half drunk
  2. it holds 32 ounces of coffee (!!!)
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    Magic Trackpad for scale.
  3. it's tapered on the bottom so even though it holds 32 ounces of coffee (!!!) it still fits in normal cup holders in your car and stuff
  4. it's incredibly easy to clean
    this is important because if you use Contigo mugs also you will eventually find out that those things are impossible to clean and develop all kinds of gross coffee residue chunks in the inner workings of the lid... put some water in the mug and shake for a minute then look at the water and cry/puke.
  5. I don't need to push a button to drink out of it like a Contigo
  7. Baristas are legit scared of a behemoth like this
    I'm always like "you only need to fill it halfway it's cool relax dude"
  8. it also comes in a 20 oz size
    which is halfway to freedom. but why when you could have 32 oz (!!!).
  9. it's basically the Vin Diesel of coffee mugs
    you make of that what you will