and then turn off your water at the main so that it doesn't leak all night until the hardware store opens at 6 am so I can get the parts to fix it
  1. washing your face
    you think it's easy to do from a klean kanteen, but you're very wrong
  2. washing your hair
    of course it happens the night after I already skipped a shower (don't judge me). again with the thought of "hey, I'm a functional human, I can get this done. humans sent a camera to Pluto, I can bang this out np." and then it turns out you're way wrong and like a fistful of hair is in your sink and you're brushing knots out for like ten minutes.
  3. getting ice cold delicious water from the fridge filter
  4. pooping
    don't poop or you get to smell it until tomorrow!
  5. that sweat you just worked up running around the house finding tools and trying to fix the leak then and opening up the water main box to turn off the water while it's still like 70 degrees out? yeah. you don't get to shower it off.