1. spare change primarily consisting of gold doubloons
  2. fist-sized balls of dozens of admirers' email addresses and social security numbers
  3. an actually read and understood pocket constitution
  4. sketches for a perpetual motion device
  5. NOS!!!!!!!! [yelling]
  6. a perfectly in-tact roast beef sandwich
  7. fabergé egg(s)
  8. the Coca Cola recipe
  9. a mini golf score sheet where the scores have been scratched out and over written with "everybody wins!", but on closer inspection Vin won.
  10. ordinary beach sand
  11. unlabeled pairs of GPS coordinates
  12. a completely full Disneyland character autograph book
  13. a Gordian Knot
  14. a Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch seafood sustainability pocket guide
  15. whatever is in the pulp fiction briefcase