First time buying fruit from people we do other business with.
  1. The fruit: Dry Creek Cab
  2. The tonnage: 5-6, maybe more, maybe less.
  3. Whether or not the vineyard is baller.
    It's baller.
  4. The location.
    Bradford Mountain, approaching 1000 ft.
  5. Usual yield: 2-3 T/acre
  6. The price: (redacted cuz it's kinda a lot)
  7. Payment Terms: Normal
  8. Additional forms of compensation: a case of the resulting wine and I have to take the guys who run the business out drinking one night and I was warned "that's going to hurt".
  9. Whether or not I'm a pain in the ass.
    A lot of winemakers think they know better on how to farm a vineyard site than the people who have been farming it for years. That's usually because they're shmucks or inexperienced and don't know how to develop good business relationships. If you found the right vineyard and the right people you shouldn't need to say much of anything. Also lots of winemakers make ridiculous requests re: picking or last minute crop management ie "let's pick these three rows tomorrow, and the rest next Tuesday".
  10. How the steelhead season has been locally.
  11. How the steelhead season has been elsewhere.
  12. The Napa murder.
  13. Florida
  14. The parameters of margarita season and winter training.