I go to Forks to catch and release fish for the biggest steelhead in the lower 48. It has nothing to do with Twilight, but I could get you a souvenir shot glass for a fee.
  1. Do me a solid:
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    If you don't know what steelhead are, spend a minute on the Wikipedia page. LSS: Steelhead are Rainbow Trout that migrate to the ocean for 1-3 years and return the stretch of river or tributary they were raised in to spawn. They're nature's prettiest poem.
  2. Steelhead need our help, badly.
    The total steelhead run in North America is estimated to be around 2% of what it was 100 years ago. Many populations are considered endangered. Ok, enough hippie shit.
  3. I'm amped to get back to the rainforest.
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    The Hoh River rainforest is way prettier than the pale dude movies make it out to be.
  4. I'm trying Spotify premium for the first time.
    In some ways I am intentionally behind the times, much like your parents. I will never call you at midnight asking how my remote works.
  5. I am loving that this Airport Express driver is listening to math metal at soft volumes while driving an airport bus at 5:55 AM
    No shame in his game. Rock on dude. I just wish it was loud enough for me to jam along.
  6. Seatac is the coolest airport name.
    It sounds like a bulletproof vest for scuba diving
  7. Hood Canal oysters are a thing.
    Have you ever bought anything by the bushel? Antiquated volume terms are my fucking jam.
  8. It is incredibly hard to buy Hood Canal oysters from a farm on the Hood Canal.
    I'm not used to this. In California I take domestic currency to an oyster farm and they give me oysters.
  9. These Hamahama oysters are effing huge. One was so big it had a colony of mussels growing on it.
    Think about that shit for a minute. That's almost as meta as List App.
  10. I'm on the Werewolf side of the Treaty Line.
    What is the Treaty Line?
  11. It is both depressing and positive that this region still has some economic coat tailing off Twilight.
  12. The Sol Duc is a pretty, pretty river.
  13. The best idea anyone ever had is to sell hot, freshly popped popcorn for a quarter at the entrance to a big general store.
    Swain's in Port Angeles. I buy popcorn every time.
  14. My Father in Law snores like an asthmatic freight train.
    I'm not shitting you. I wish I could include an audio clip. @bjnovak @dev Can we get an audio clip record function?