Songs that take you back to an exact moment or memory or place vividly, describe that destination. Steal this and tag me, I want to read yours.
  1. Roots n Radicals - Rancid
    17 years old, doubling the speed limit on West Dry Creek Rd in a downpour, driving south from Lambert Bridge and hugging the first sharp right turn. Driving to a girl's house with too much optimism. Yelling back at the radio.
  2. Miles Away - Goldfinger
    15 years old, jumping on stage with the band at the Phoenix in Petaluma. John gave me his mic and I sang about half the song before stage diving off back into the pit. My sister watched (and shook her head) from the balcony. Also: Making my mom drive me to Tower Records in Santa Monica after school in 6th grade to buy this CD, learning every word to Mable that night.
  3. Uncle John's Band - Grateful Dead
    Being 9 years old at a Dead show when Jerry was still alive, my parents explaining to the incredibly high gentleman in front of them that they thought it was important for my sister and I to see the Dead as part of our "education as young Americans". My parents aren't huge hippies but this story makes them sound like grade A flower children.
  4. Napoleon - Ani Difranco
    14, my sister driving me to school on Sunset because we missed the bus. Rain. Bad traffic. Watching my sister sing along and rock out pretty hard. One of the moments where I started to see her with fresh eyes as her own woman and a person and not just from the perspective of a little brother with an annoying big sister.
  5. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
    26 years old, early summer, 3 AM in my class's 5 year reunion tent. Everybody had long left. Jeremy, Shannon, my wife and I found the PA system and plugged in an iPhone, screamed Call Me Maybe and pretended we were Freshmen for a minute again.
  6. Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
    Senior year of college, the Old Stone Jug, this was the song that came on and the entire bar went bananas. I vaguely remember Long Islands, Grateful Deads, Jagerbombs, and lots and lots of screaming. That song was always the best 5 minutes of the night at that bar.
  7. Knowledge - Operation Ivy
    13 years old, in friend's parents' car, on the way to the drop off point for summer camp bus. His mom made us turn it off three lines in (because it said "fuck" ("it's looking fucking narrow!")). Those three lines got me and the second we got on the bus I listened to that CD three times through.
  8. So Long, Astoria - The Ataris
    18, graduated from high school. Spent a lot of that summer with @smern in my '73 Buick with the windows down in the sun as much as possible. This song and album as a whole felt like a Polaroid photo of wistfulness that we knew was coming but hadn't earned yet. It makes sense now, but back then this album felt like looking into the future of how we would feel about our then-present.