Yes I would love to play mini golf with you.
  1. Three
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    If you don't give it enough power that loop will fuck you.
  2. Nine
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    That door is now permanently open so it doesn't really fuck you as bad anymore but it's got a decent penalty for missing the bridge.
  3. Four
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    The change in pitch of the up ramp fucks a lot of people
  4. Seven
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    You get punished for missing the door here. It has a sneaky break to the left to the door that you don't really notice. It will fuck you.
  5. Five (unpictured)
    Fuck Five.
  6. Thirteen
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    Thirteen's ramp to the bridge is incredibly long and breaks left hard. I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have hit the edge of the bridge (like 2 mm wide) and had my ball roll back to me pathetically. Fuck thirteen.
  7. Eleven (unpictured)
    I couldn't even take a picture it was too busy fucking me.
  8. Sixteen
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    FUCK sixteen. This fucking pyramid looks so unassuming and casual but it will fuck you and you will rage and it will upset the natural order of things, and it's at the end of the course so there is no recovering from the dishonorable Six that it will leave you with on your scorecard. Sixteen is the great equalizer, it fucks all.