1. Over: Cab
    Way narrower range and phenolic variety than I'd like. Once you've tasted 100 good Cabs you'll probably never have another that truly surprises you again.
  2. Under: Malbec
    The most badass Bordeaux variety (same regional origin as Cab). I know it's popular, but that high pH 8-10 month aged shlock from South America is like one of 87 different styles that grape can pull off. When you bring the pH down this variety has mad game.
  3. Over: Chardonnay
    It's better when it tastes more like Sauvignon Blanc. Unless you carry a dog in a handbag and both your names end in -ffy.
  4. Under: Viognier
    It's like the white grape that did too much blow and went on a soul searching hitch hiking trip to find itself but is still kind of rough around the edges. Occasionally gets this kind of feral cat piss funk to it that sounds gross but is actually kind of rad.
  5. Over: Pinot Noir
    I love Pinot, but all this fluffy terroir-focused hyper-romantic Pinot obsession/banter is at least 75% bullshit. It's an expressive grape that shows lots of range and subtlety but 90% of California Pinot uses about 9% of that range.
  6. Under: Grenache
    Just gangster shit. By far the most underrated Rhone grape (same origin as Syrah). This grape is the girl you went to middle school with who had crazy glasses and very obviously was concerned with more important shit than middle school, then 10 years later she's incredibly good looking and you have no idea what's going on in 6/7ths of her Instagram posts, but she's got like a billion followers. Kna'mean?
  7. Under/Over at the same time: Syrah
    So much bad Syrah. So much goooooood Syrah. In my mind this should hold the cultural sway of Cab. Mad range, incredible potential for complexity, behaves with massive variation according to climate and farming practices, and is both very expressive of winemaker style and growing environs.