As opposed to obvious research projects such as a TV, stuff for a hobby, or strip clubs. I might have a research problem.
  1. Hot Water Kettle
  2. Jewelry Cleaner
  3. Rice Cooker
    If you don't have a Zojirushi you just don't even understand. There are two types of people in this world: people with Zojirushi rice cookers and jealous idiots.
  4. Hands Free Soap Dispenser
  5. Scissors
  6. Night lights
  7. Tortilla Press
  8. Coolers
    Just spend the money like an idiot and get a Yeti like us cool idiots who got a $350 cooler.
  9. White Board
  10. TV wall mounts
    If you didn't know this: the manufacturer that makes the $200 one at a brick and mortar store sells them under their own brand on Amazon for $45. One brand is CheetahMounts, which sounds like a support group for young men with a thing for older women who have a thing for younger men.
  11. Impact Driver/Drill kit
    This one makes a lot of sense because it's a big decision that will affect your building shit coolness for a decade, but still. I researched online and still stood motionless in the aisle at Home Depot for an hour like a cornered gazelle.
  12. Serological pipettes
    file this under time I'll never get back
  13. Gatorade concentrate
    yes you can make Gatorade wine. yes it is that color. yes it was actually kind of tasty in that chewable vitamin C kind of way.
  14. Bathroom Scale