it's not that you're wrong it's that you're predictable and we can do better.
  1. Carignane
    pronounced karenYAWN. excellent mid bodied red grape that typically is used in California for blending Cab and Zin. we haven't made a varietal carignane for almost a decade but it's still a solid bet.
  2. Grenache
    I will be drinking our 2012 and 2013 Grenache this Thanksgiving and you should too because they are both singing right now. any >$20 Grenache should do the trick but French and California would be my priority.
  3. rosé of Syrah or Zinfandel
    Syrah does magical pink things. so does Zin, but 99% of wines labeled "White Zinfandel" are sugary trash, so look for one labeled as rosé. try and go fully dry here. this wine should remind you of cranberry sauce.
  4. Viognier
    you rambunctious bastard. the most fun white grape.
  5. a Brut sparkling wine, something esoteric if you can find it (like Bodkin sparkling Sauv Blanc)
    bubbles go with everything fool, I'd stay on the dryer side for food pairing reasons. this is not technically a variety but whatever.
  6. Cabernet Franc
    if you do like to go with a big wine for Thanksgiving (I generally stay medium but hey whatever), Cab Franc is a good choice. I think the greener notes pair well with really rich, largely sweet and thanksgiving spiced foods.