(as observed in chronological order from 10:20 am to 6:00 pm). booth staffed by a few of us from a non profit board of directors I'm on. to put it in context this the size of a small county fair and there are thousands of people here and a small carnival midway.
  1. Guy working garlic fry booth next to us: "OH GOD I HOPE THIS THING [fryer] WORKS!! YESS! OH THANK YOU HIGHER POWER YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME!!!!"
    I'm a little concerned about the vat of hot oil next our sno come booth.
  3. should those deep fryers really be on wheels?
  4. proximity of garlic fry deep fryers to the entrance of our sno cone booth
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  5. a selfie of me and the thing I'm hitting my head against all day
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    apparently the tent set up person was vertically challenged and not forward thinking
  6. I am witnessing the future of r/BlunderYears
    And it is capital D delightful
  7. "WE'RE DOWN A FRYER!!!!"
  8. nice little girl: "could I get half bubble gum half root beer?" Steve: "that sounds absolutely disgusting!" (said in like a really pleasant way)
  9. I mean, talk about a bargain
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  10. the colors of the syrup are amazing
  11. the vomit next to the super slide should be technicolor
  12. a very polite 7 year old asked what the tax was on the fundraiser $1.00 sno cones
  13. it is so awesome to see adorable kids who are polite and well behaved and see their responsible supervising mom who also happens to have a huge tramp stamp.
    not sarcasm. just love it when baby boomer stereotypes are so obviously wrong.
  14. I told the health inspector that I "know what I'm doing" (re 3 bucket sanitation station) and "shave ice is way better than sno cone ice"
    she agreed
  15. garlic fry station has lots of unhappy soggy fry complaints from having to overload one functional fryer. there was almost a garlic fry riot.
  17. a second order for root beer/bubblegum
    the youth of today are a disaster
  18. watermelon seems like the runaway favorite
  19. Daniella and her friends have totally ditched the "ditch group"
  20. NEW GROSSEST LEADER IN THE CLUBHOUSE: Root Beer/ Bubblegum/ Blue Raspberry
  21. Daniella seems a little insensitive
  22. you might be surprised by how many people eat more than one sno cone
  23. Garlic Fry guy now has his son working with him, who is clearly very mildly differently abled but is in charge of frying currently, and his dad is constantly all like "COME ON AJ WE NEED MORE FRIES AJ HURRY UP AJ" and you know AJ might be a little slower than his other helpers but his fries look superior in crispness and execution.
    and AJ is just smiling and happy and frying away.
  24. "you have to understand AJ I'm under the gun and I yell but I don't mean to"
    yes you do leave AJ alone brah
  25. a lot of people need sno cone flavor advice.
    maybe if you weren't always yelling at him everything would be chill guy.
  27. Steve, who has been actually syruping the cones for the vast majority of the day, has been a stud. so when people ask for a Rainbow, I have renamed it the "Steve [Steve's Last Name]'s Double Super Secret Freestyle"
    I tell people that the artisan will paint the canvas of ice with syrup
  28. People have since started ordering "Steve's Freestyle"
  29. Steve is annoyed by the notoriety of his artisan cones
    I asked him if it should be called snotoriety
  30. "I NEED AN ORDER OF-" AJ: "I got em ready right here." Guy: "oh. That's what I like to see, teamwork."
    doesn't look like teamwork to me
  31. "AJ you're a knucklehead like me but you're alright"
    AJ seems like a winner.
  33. the new band on the stage, lead singer: "WE ARE THE ONLY 14 PIECE TRIBUTE BAND DEDICATED TO THE KING OF POP!"
    one person from the playground faintly "woo"s
  35. sno cone sales have dropped *precipitously* since 4:40 pm. we have sold at least 400 sno cones today, but maybe only 10 in the 40 minutes after 4:40 pm.
  36. you know I really think it's bullshit that AJ is getting criticized when he is clearly the only person over there who values the fries being fresh and hot and crispy for the customers.
  37. one kid has personally ordered 3 sno cones and every time he runs up, grabs the bottom of the window and says "I WANT A SNO CONE!". it's adorable.
  38. AJ is now consistently outperforming his father's demands and it is pretty awesome. he's in the zone.
  39. AJ is now just pwning his dad when his dad asks for stuff all like "RIGHT HERE"
  40. this was a good day.