and I'm not even buzzed
  1. 8 barrels of 12 DCV Cab Franc
    that means tasting each barrel to check for faults and individual quality variance
  2. 3 mock blends of 12 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
    blending trials means altering blend proportions and deciding what was best. it's not as fun as it sounds. think about listening to three recordings of the same song but the sound engineer was fucking with you and you were trying to figure out which levels he was adjusting and sometimes it's obvious but sometimes it's way subtle.
  3. 3 mock blends of 12 DCV Cab Franc
  4. 2006 Handprint Merlot
    had to do tasting notes for library release
  5. 2004 AV Cab Franc
    from library, philosophical curiousness
  6. combined sample of 12 DCV Merlot
  7. combined sample of our other 12 DCV Merlot
  8. combined sample of our 12 AV Merlot
  9. combined sample of our 12 KV Malbec
  10. and yesterday was 32 barrels of 12 Pinot and 4 of Cab Franc
  11. I need pizza