My colleague @Lu told me about The List App about 6 months ago, and I have been lurking, liking, saving, and commenting ever since. I'm finally ready to list.
  1. This is me:
  2. I'm one of those sincere listers.
  3. I'm a fan of ALL CAPS titles and the old logo.
  4. My favorite listers so far are @eatthelove, @aminam, @lesbian, and @dad (where have you gone?)
  5. I live in Boston — Dorchester, to be exact.
    I love my sprawling, scrappy neighborhood of triple deckers and immigrants from the Caribbean, Vietnam, and Ireland.
  6. I'm an extrovert at work and an introvert at home.
    I go all out engaging with people and then I retreat for intense recharging.
  7. I'm just finishing up my 11th year as a teacher in the Boston Public Schools.
    I am about to take a year's leave of absence to figure some shit out. Urban public education is super important to me, and I'm also a bit burnt out.
  8. I am a librarian and a special educator.
    I (usually) adore reading and research and adolescents.
  9. I love animals, especially quadruped mammals and manatees, and certain birds.
  10. I'm trans and queer.
    Over the past 24 years, I have identified and come out as lesbian, bisexual, trans, gay, and queer — in that order. My pronouns are "he, him, his." I'm generally perceived as non-binary, which means I endure double takes no matter which bathroom I use (and occasionally, people cower, mutter, lash out, or call security).
  11. I'm single and looking.
    Holla at me! I like people. I'm open to kind, thoughtful, smart, playful humans regardless of their gender identity, expression, or sexual orientation.