My dad has vascular dementia and OCD. Here is today's conversation:
  1. [Are you not in the mood for a visit, dad?]
  2. I'm in the mood to defeat this fatty tissue in my mouth
  3. I'm suffocating
  4. Before I had it blocked off, but it's growing
  5. It's extremely high and extremely deep
  6. Up to the eye sockets
  7. It's pouring out of the left eye socket now
  8. Let's cancel it
  9. It's too much for one or two cups
  10. I have no choice but to pull it all out
  11. It's impossible for the glasses to fit now
  12. It's pulling out of the left eye socket
  13. Maybe I want to suck it up
  14. Put it somewhere
  15. Maybe swallow it
  16. A huge mound at the bottom
  17. [touching skin below eyes] It's coming out of the right eye now, slowly
  18. Fatty tissue is very hard to work with
  19. Pretty soon it will take up my whole mouth
  20. [Where's it coming from?] From my brain
  21. I mean these surfaces here [touches bridge of nose]
  22. The whole thing's gone to hell now
  23. I'm not going to make it
  24. My whole mouth is practically fatty tissue
  25. I won't be able to do the job of eating
  26. I had 2 eyeballs and now they're opening up
  27. I'll just quit
  28. I've done my best
  29. I guarantee I won't make it this time
  30. It's everywhere
  31. Gotta give it the old college try and see what happens, that's all
  32. This is impossible, impossible
  33. My whole mouth is filled with fat now
  34. No place to put it now, you know?
  35. This is terrible
  36. Couldn't be worse
  37. Both eye sockets
  38. It's stinging in my right eye now
  39. My eyes are opened up completely
  40. Static