Americas royal family, ranked for your viewing pleasure
  1. Khloé
    She has both videoed herself making a sex tape in a bath filled with candy and documented her struggles with infertility on the show. Dedication or what? On a serious note though, I've never seen someone handle so many oestrogen-induced rages between their siblings so gracefully. A true queen. 10/10.
  2. Kim
    Kim's grown on me a lot, primarily because after she had Nori she stopped caring about he paparazzi and developed this fearless attitude. Her crying face is nothing short of terrifying though so she misses the top spot. Loved the selfies from Khloé's ride to jail though.
  3. Caitlyn
    Killing it left, right and centre her dress sense perfectly captures 'elegant 50 y/o SAHM who is trying to restrain herself from the pool boy'. She offers wise advice, even if we don't all see eye-to-eye on her slightly negative views of same sex marriage. She also has a gun which is a bit weird.
  4. Kourtney
    Kourtney has no emotion, mainly because everyone she knows is 'literally, so rude'. She is critical of both camel toe and homeless people, but she seems like a good mum, once you get over her resting bitch face. Plus she's really small and adorable.
  5. Kris
    Kris cries a lot for attention. However, these 3 quotes secured her place at number 5 on the list: 1. [on Kendall's long neck] "Think of it this way: more room for diamonds" 2. "When I found out about Kim's sex tape as a mother I was disappointed. As her manager..." and my personal favourite, 3. "My job is to turn my family's 15 minutes of fame into 30 minutes."
  6. Kylie
    Kylie dresses well, always has her make-up done to perfection and seems to be the more fun Jenner sibling. She's also incredibly rude to her mother and has made and posted vines about her urinary tract issues. What a woman.
  7. Robert
    Everyone seems to forget Rob Jnr and that's because he's usually shying away from the cameras due to his low self-esteem. What people fail to acknowledge is that he's truthfully adorable and that the episode when he and Malika pretend to date is TV gold.
  8. Kendall
    And finally Kendall. Probably conventionally the prettiest Kendall seems super chilled and down to earth but less out there than her siblings. This probably accounts for her low ranking. Soz Ken if you're reading.