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  1. My boyfriend Ben with a sweet snapchat filter
  2. One of my best pals Griffin on his birthday last night
  3. My cat Dennis eating (sent it to my parents while they're on holiday)
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  1. Any chance we can swap shifts?
  2. I don't want to miss happy hour
  3. I'm hungry
  1. His face
    Just look at it
  2. His voice
    It's so different to any artists around at the moment, and it's beautiful.
  3. His fashion
    Around the time of his first album Long Way Down, he dressed a little scruffier. Whereas now he's pretty smart. Both are lush.
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  1. Hitler
  2. 'Your mum' jokes
  3. The difference between butter and margarine
Tonight I went bowling with my best friend Amber and it was awesome. I won the first game and she won the second because friends share everything (even winnings) 🎳
  1. Bowl
  2. Watching eagerly
  4. Yeeeeeah
  1. Angelina Jolie
    Purely so I could FaceSwap her onto my face
  2. Book
    I cannot remember who posted this, but I remember seeing it and thinking about how I wanted to read it
  3. Josh
    A snapchat of my friend Josh trying to drunkedly fit through this rail-thing
  4. Shoes
    An office lady at work wore these boots through the winter, and I was always too shy to ask where she got them. And by the time I finally asked, the shoes were on sale and out of my size 😫
  1. Good ol' Adam Driver
  2. Last night at the beach
  3. Noodle in her last days
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  1. Toothache is gone
    I've had awful tooth ache for the last week and it's been AWFUL. After an emergency filling and a root canal, I'm pain free finally 💕
  2. Work
    We had Julia's House at work today and it was crazy inspirational to hear about how they're helping families and children. So lovely.
  3. Mother
    Mum visited me at work today just to say hello and check on my tooth. It was cute and made me happy.
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  1. I'm going out with old friends tomorrow night and I haven't done that in aaaages
    I wanna look good, not red nosed and fat lipped
  2. I'm at work and my constant nose running is distracting
  3. I feel like everyone who talks to me is staring at the spot
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