I've not been on here long so realised I should introduce myself!
  1. I'm Lucy
    20, and from South of England.
  2. I read, a lot
    Nothing better than a good book.
  3. I write also
    Im currently halfway through my first book, and loving every minute of writing! (Apart from the stressful-I-want-to-pull-out-my-hair moments)
  4. I work in a Theatre
    I set up the set/lightning/sound for the shows as well as stage managing. I'm also a projectionist in the cinema which I enjoy a lot.
  5. I play instruments
    Music is a great escape for me. I play acoustic guitar, drums, piano and a little cello.
  6. I wish I could dance
    If I could be great at something, I'd love to be a lyrical dancer. I just think it's so beautiful!
  7. Career
    I'm hoping to be an author (I can dream) so am trying very hard to make that happen :)
  8. I love it here
    This app is great, everyone is so friendly and I love reading everyone's lists! Although I have no idea what a request list is?