In pictures
  1. Stuart
    My boyfriend is fantastic, even if every photo he's in makes him look grumpy. This is him in at one of his best friends wedding last August, clearly enjoying the speech... (P.s what you can't see is me behind him)
  2. My brothers
    This is a very old but very cute picture of my brothers and I. I love them all so much. I am also very close with my parents and I appreciate them a lot!
  3. Books
    For me, there is nothing better than being addicted to a book and being unable to stop reading. I read constantly.
  4. Noodle
    My Syrian hamster is the bees knees. She loves me and I love her.
  5. Cosy nights in
    Don't get me wrong, I love going out. But I also love staying in with fairy lights, wine and Netflix
  6. Skating
    Being outside and speeding along is super lush and relaxing!