Here's the thing - we are both 20 something year olds and from time to time we enjoy partying and putting things in our bodies in great quantities that more often than not we regret. This is one of those times.
  1. Context: her mom's name is Mary. Everyone always calls her Mary.
    Even her offspring which at first I thought was odd but now I think it's weird when people call her by other names.
  2. So @Cara_duhh and I went to visit a friend for her birthday.
    And naturally the birthday activities included going out, dancing, and drinking.
  3. Somewhere around 11:30PM, we made it out to the bar and ordered drinks (probs didn't need them).
  4. At around 12:30AM, we were all lost.
    As a socially awkward person, my first instinct was to run around and try to find someone familiar - a task that's a lot more difficult while intoxicated in multiple rooms full of people.
  5. I naturally decided the next best thing would be to FaceTime Cara and see where everyone went.
  6. In my state, I'd forgotten that I'd previously changed Cara's name in my phone to Princess DingBat.
    Just something a mutual friend called her I thought was funny as shit.
  7. So I typed her last name and clicked the first name I saw and began calling.
  8. Before the screen came on, I kept yelling, "WHERE IS STEPHANIE?! WHERE ARE YOU?!"
    Stephanie is the friend we were visiting.
  9. To which Mary said, "honey I think you called the wrong person."
    In a very thick southern accent. Also I could only see the top of her very gray hair.
  10. In my shock, I quickly ended the call and deleted the FaceTime entry, and pretended it never happened.
    It was traumatic, okay?!
  11. The next day, I woke up and a) regretted everything from the previous night, and b) had this memory from this weird ass dream where I talked to Mary.
    I checked the FaceTime and call logs and no entries with her name were found.
  12. More context: Mary and I work at the same firm.
  13. Today, was the moment of truth.
  14. Did I FaceTime her?!
    Was she going to bring it up? And how? And what do I say?
  15. So as I went to go get coffee, she said, "so did you ever find Stephanie?"
  16. I awkwardly laughed and ran away.
  17. End of story.
  18. Moral of the story: don't FaceTime your friends parents while drinking - it will be beyond uncomfortable.