Quotes by my hilarious friends... Feel free to add any of your own!
  1. Yesterday I changed pants in the church parking lot. It's the most vulnerable I've ever been. -Luis
  2. Please remind me next year: no costumes that affect the natural swivel of my neck. -Jill
  3. Female genitalia is tabooed in the 'fabulous' world. -Adam
  4. Elvi, people have fought wars over that hair! -Jill
  5. I'm between a rock and a tree trunk. -Cara
  6. Sometimes I look at my life, and I think, I was at Harry Potter world a month and a half ago. -Amie
  7. You don't know what a quinciañera is because you don't have a television. -Jill
  8. She is openly Hispanic. -Elvi
  9. Sometimes I walk into a room, I look around, and I think I am the most badass motherfucker these people have ever seen. -Meghan
  10. Cinco de Marcho! I'm sure people say that to you all the time. -Amie
  11. She's good looking in a Mona Lisa kind of way. -Meghan
  12. Well, all I know about them is that they killed the Jews. And that they make cars that smell like crayons! -Jill
  13. (Talking about circumcision and bat mitzvahs): It's called a Brie and it happens when they're 8 days old. -Jill It's called a Brisk. Brie is a cheese. -Amie
  14. Yesterday I was taking pictures of myself eating strawberries and I thought daaaaamn this is too sexy. -Jill
  15. Shouldn't you not kill bees because then the rest of its family will know? -Cara
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  16. I can't believe Wilson Phillips is three women and not just one man. -Daniel
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  17. My British accent gave me a headache. -Jill
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  18. You say Internet friends, I say strangers. -Jill
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  19. Then he went all Christopher Columbus all up in my uterus. -Fin