I've recently gotten way more into professional football. While yes, it may have to do with the fact the panthers are finally on the up and up (#PantherNation), it also has to do with all the sexy men. Here is a list of them. Add as you see fit!
  1. Eric Decker (Jets)
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    Arguably the baest of all baes. And he's a dad... Which makes him way hotter (don't judge).
  2. Jordan Cameron (Dolphins)
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    Just an all time favorite. The smile. And face. And body. Yes. (Note: that's a picture of him while he was still playing for the Browns).
  3. Jimmy Garoppolo (Patriots)
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    Probably about the only good thing about Tom Brady not playing is that we get this beauty among us.
  4. Danny Amendola (Patriots)
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    Pretty much all of the Pats offense is beyond hot. But Danny stands out. I think it's the eyes.
  5. Luke Kuechly (Panthers)
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    Hometown favorite... There's something about that boy next door charm that just makes you squirm.
  6. Rob Gronkowski (Patriots)
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    Another Pats player... But can you blame me? Aside: I usually hate cats but this is too much.
  7. Drew Brees
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    The best of the best of the best, sir!
    Suggested by @classyAF
  8. How is J.J. Watt not on your list?
    He's 99 for the Houston, Texans and eats 9000 calories a day. Turn down for Watt?! No American man is straight for J.J.
    Suggested by @texx85