1. It was my birthday.
  2. Reason enough for the day to labeled as "the best."
  3. It was also my golden birthday.
    It's when you turn the age number equivalent of the day you were born. I was born on July 23rd and I turned 23.
  4. It was also my Jordan birthday.
    Not sure if it this is just a Carolinas thing - but your 23rd year is labeled as your Jordan year in tribute to Michael Jordan since his jersey was #23.
  5. Finally, it was a Saturday.
    Arguably the most turnt day of the week.
  6. All in all - it was the trifecta of a perfect birthday.
  7. Now you can say you were alive during the best day ever (July 23rd, 2016).
  8. (Best pic I have of that night).
  9. (Correction - this is).