1. Today I met my soulmate. The one, if you will.
  2. It was abrupt.
  3. I didn't think it would happen.
  4. I have so many questions for him.
  5. Where has he been all my life?
  6. Has he been looking for me too?
  7. In due time, those will be answered.
  8. I knew he was the one as soon as I saw him.
  9. Never before have I felt as connected to another human before.
  10. As I looked at him, I felt like I finally felt validated.
  11. That someone else shared in something with me. Something great.
  12. He changes his clothes while driving too.
  13. I will find him again one day.
  14. Till then, all I have is the memory of his unclothed upper body.
  15. (And his NC license plate: PDD-7658.)
  16. I'll never forget him!