A list where I read everyone's social media efforts to filth. Here goes, in no particular order...
  1. People who like their own posts.
    Do you really need that much of a self-esteem boost? The rest of us just see you as conceited. That, or you don't have enough people liking your posts so you feel led to like them yourself. Ouch.
  2. People who try to talk politics/marital problems/any serious personal issue on social media.
    This isn't going to change anyone's minds... All you're doing is pissing me off cause obviously your opinion is wrong and I'm superior. Let's leave it at that.
  3. People who constantly misspell tweets or posts.
    We all judge you - whether you like it or not. Do us all a favor and pick up a dictionary every once in a while. You're a grown ass person: you should know the difference between there and their.
  4. People that set up accounts for their animals/pets.
    No one really wants to see pictures of Fido or Ruff Ruff on their timeline. They always THINK they do, until you post 1000 pictures of your dog in one day. Stop it.
  5. People that constantly post pictures of their BF/GF/Spouse/Significant Other.
    Contrary to what you might feel, we don't want to see you and your significant other locking lips on our timelines. How would you like it if I posted pictures kissing my Cool Ranch Doritos bag EVERY SINGLE DAY?! HUH?!
  6. People who post cryptic messages about being sad or depressed.
    No, I don't care whatever it is that's affecting you. If you really had an issue, you would reach out and talk about it. I'm not here for your attention grabbing post. Next.
  7. People that constantly post song lyrics with no further explanation.
    We get it, you listen to music. Guess what. We all do that - and can post random lyrics... It's not special. Please hold for my tweet: "All yo ladies pop your pussy like this 🎶"
  8. People that always post about their fitness or diet progress.
    Sometimes I want to scroll through my feed while eating my 20 piece chicken nuggets without seeing a post of your non fat gluten free no sodium piece of shit food. Let me be.
  9. People that continuously delete their old posts on social media.
    Here's the thing: we all looked rough in our younger years. Guess what? I want to be able to laugh at your past... And you deleting your shit just pisses me off. Just stay true, OKAY?!
  10. People that think all their social media efforts are A+ when they're mostly subpar.
    Okay, let's get one thing straight... Just because you put the Valencia filter on, it does not make your Starbucks cup look any less basic than it already does. You ain't a photographer. Bye.