In no particular order.
  1. My wall of pictures.
    1. Great conversation starter. 2. Love all my people. 3. It's good to blankly stare off into.
  2. These initials.
    We updated our logo and when they were taking the old one off the wall, I scooped my initials. I LOVE them.
  3. One Direction calendar.
    This was great because it was a gift (one I was going to buy for myself but friends beat me to it!) and because even though it's AZ (After Zayn), this calendar still has Z in it.
  4. Douglass.
    At one point, animals were part of our brand and this was a sample from a vendor. PS. His name is Douglass because that's what his tag says.
  5. Beyoncé inspiration.
    We can all be inspired by Queen Bey.
  6. L Shaped metal thing.
    Found this at Michaels. Taped a pattern behind it. Fell in love.
  7. Chalkboard canvas
    Obviously hasn't been updated in a while but I still love it.
  8. Fake succulents
    Like the touch of green and they fake cause I would kill them if they was alive.
  9. Tiny figurines
    Gifted to me by different people... Include the most important parts of my life: Zayn and HP.