1. Public speaking
  2. Authoritative figures
    See: boss, police, government, etc.
  3. Elevator interactions
  4. Pee pee convos (men that decide to have conversations with you over stalls in the men's restroom)
  5. Traffic
  6. Networking
    It's just a fancy word for talk to strangers and I don't like that.
  7. Dating
    See: meeting guys, talking to them, flirting, etc.
  8. Being late
    May come as a shock if you know me in real life cause I'm constantly late... And thus, constantly anxious.
  9. Driving in the rain
  10. Not being a good friend
  11. Walking behind slow walkers and trying to pass them but being met with opposing traffic so then you almost have to cut the slow people off by walking fast and almost hitting them but you can't stop cause there's probably others watching you attempt this and at the end you just have to commit and be that asshole.
  12. My bank account and its instability
  13. Shopping with others
    UNLESS you're amongst the select few that I genuinely like to bring with me. I don't like having someone wait on me.
  14. Public parking
    Streets or decks. And if it's parallel, it skyrockets.
  15. Being asked a question for which I should know the answer but I don't.