1. It's so late. Why do I do this to myself?
  2. Should I poop right now, or can I hold it till the morning?
  3. I think I can sneak in an episode of Broad City right now. Screw it. Play.
  4. 4 hours of sleep is good enough, right?
  5. I need to google how many hours of sleep you need.
  6. Damn, I've played myself. It's 8-9hrs.
  7. What am I going to have for lunch tomorrow? I want Chipotle. No, I should have a salad.
  8. I should start eating salads.
  9. Lol as if. Who even eats salads?!
  10. Ugh I fell asleep for 3mins... Rewind.
  11. *scrolls through Tinder* left, left, left, LEFT, right.
  12. Not a match... Again.
  14. Do I have an Abbi?
  15. I wonder if I we have any ice cream in the fridge?
  16. No I don't need ice cream, it's almost 1am.
  17. I can't believe I have to be up for work in 5 hours.
  18. Well... I don't HAVE to be in at 7:30. I can be slightly late.
  19. I should get under the covers.
  21. Maybe if I stick my feet out it'll be okay.
  22. Too cold... Bring a foot back in.
  23. I wonder how Alex from middle school is doing... He was cute. Wonder what he looks like now?
  24. *creeps on Facebook* oh, that's unfortunate.
  25. Ugh it's over. Maybe I can sneak in another episode?
  26. No, I can't. Time for bed.
  27. What music can I fall asleep to?
  28. No, it can't be Nicki - now I want to dance.
  29. Florence + The Machine it is.
  30. When was the last time I flossed?
  31. I need to get up and wash my face. Nah.
  32. What is the meaning of life?
  33. Why does it feel like tundra in here?!
  34. The thermostat is so far away.
  35. I wonder what Zayn did today.
  36. What did I do today?
  37. What day is today?
  38. Oh wait, it's technically tomorrow already. So today was yesterday. But tomorrow is currently happening. Whoa.
  39. My eyelids feel so heavy after that.
  40. Alright I'm calling it good...