*LONG AF LIST ALERT* but give me all the money and all the access and this is how I would dress
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    first and foremost, this is how I would lounge/prepare for bed
    the diamond necklace is key
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    I imagine this to be my work outfit
    I stole this from one of my favourite Porter mag issues... once I have a non uniform mandated job this is how I will show up to work
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    I love a trench coat but this is all I need for winter
    look at how comfy it looks??? I'd curl up in that and be ready for anything the Midwest climate throws at me
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    tweed shorts, my friends, are everything
    made all the more covetable by the leather coats and white net tights 😍 this is how I'd show up to family dinners
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    if ever there was a brunch outfit
    it's this. all black ? check. sweatshirt material ? check. comfy as fuck ? check. block heels to add douchey glam to your Sunday adventures ? check. now u just need massive sunnies to hide the hangover haunting your eyes and you're set
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    my go-to class outfit
    this is what I'd wear to lectures... the chunky boots always make me feel better about whatever I'm doing and I'm a sucker for grey/black schemes , as well as hoodie/legging ensembles that evoke a Vetements spirit
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    give me ALL the printed mini dresses
    I have never not impulsively bought a printed mini dress the crazier the better. this is how I channel my desire to wear crazy shit... cause you pair it with black heels and you're good to go! I'd wear this to go shopping
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    I'm in love with this style
    I love visible socks and flat shoes like these, and the occasional non-black outfit I can work with. I'd wear this on a Saturday perusing markets or to church when I'm with my Abuela in Spain
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    this is my summer uniform
    not joking this is what I've been wearing since I got off school ... long sleeves and short af denim is my lazy look
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    when I have a full time job one day and going out for drinks afterward is a thing
    this is what I'll wear. all or nothing when it comes to pastels, and may as well make it a trousers look
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    un pull marine 😍
    I've had this in my head as my ideal study outfit since I first saw this editorial in 2013. can't go wrong with a blue wool sweater
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    again with the mini dress
    EXCEPT ITS SPARKLY. good for any time I feel daring enough to go out in tights around christmastime
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    family get togethers that are stupidly organised to be outside
    sometimes my extended family will organise a barbecue in Spain in the winter and it will be 70° when we get there and by the time the sun goes down you want to die from the cold. this is what I need for those times.
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    for when I get bored of Ohio
    living in a boring city in the Midwest kinda makes me feel less cool so sometimes I like to step it up and feel like I'm a city girl again ... that means all black, thigh highs and little purses. and a mini sweater dress obviously
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    if I could create this look on myself
    oh my god. this is how I would go out on weekends. I fucking wish. a lime green crop sweater ? bubble gum hair? glitter everywhere and inappropriately coloured eyelids ? yes yes yES
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    if I knew my ex was going to be wherever I am :)
    cause I know for a fact I can pull this off and I'd look cute as shit doing it. ultra short hemline + pearls = you're an idiot for dumping me, your loss. also I'm a princess 😇
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    hands down this is what I'd wear to thanksgiving dinner. the choker and beret make the outfit 👏🏽
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    this would be me pretending I have a life when rly I'm watching sports in the bath whilst on my period
    so naturally I'm naked wearing only funky sunglasses and drinking tea
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    a night out in the big city
    I imagine street lamps and rain and taxi cabs and neon light signs and just me smoking a cig in this waiting for my friends to show up
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    Lord help me
    the Ultimate Look. a$ap is king. he makes me want to wear hats ... I never want to wear hats. I'd wear this if I ever work on a set of any kind OR if I learn cool dance moves and wanna show them off
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    I'd go back to school and shamelessly wear this as my uniform
    it's perfect. worth being sent home for.
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    for when I finally make it to Fashion Week
    this is 100% what I'd wear to Milan FW , it's beautiful
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    job interview, for sure
    I'm so comfortable in this look and it's simple and chic (blegh sorry for using that word) enough
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    I love this make up look
    I can't for the life of me do eyeshadow properly but I need this look
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    New Years party outfit
    a royal looking embossed oversized blazer over some skimpy lingerie is literally what the Doctor orders for the last night of the year
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    when I party on an island when I'm filthy rich
    or not, I don't have to be rich. I plan to party on islands no matter what my income is. regardless, that is where I shall pull out my sky high heels and my dainty slip dress and top it off with cat eye sunglasses because, God damnit, I'm on an island
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    Christmas Eve dinner 😍
    no need to offend anyone with my sartorial choices when the holiday Spirit already has everyone so on edge! so I'd play it safe with a fun turtleneck and cool ass hoop earrings. I'd do that make up if my skin was clear enough, too
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    shades of green 😱
    not only is that coat perfect but the whole colour scheme of the outfit makes me swoon. I'd don this on a fifth date when I decide it's time to maybe dress up a bit for the person who's been paying for my dinner for a few weeks
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    When I get invited to openings
    galleries or bars or whatever it may be, this is what I'd attend in. I'd even get the platinum hair
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    when I date an international footballer and go to all his matches
    I'll wear his jersey on backwards and try to be as fucking chic as Lena Gercke. messy top bun and red lipstick is a dream come true tho
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    last BUT not least
    Carolina Herrera has reached into the depths of my dearest dreams and pulled out the most perfect, divine, ideal wedding outfit and made it a reality. this, my friends, is what I will marry my cat in. I'm coming for ya, city hall of Monte Carlo
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    I doubt you'll have made it this far but if you did I'm glad!!! Thank you for reading xx