1. Dawaat e Ishq
    guys this movie is perfection it used to be on Netflix I hope they put it back on asap I've seen it approx 9 times
  2. Angels of Sex
    polyamory ftw! it's in Spanish and Catalan and features my all time favourite angel, Astrid Berges Frisbey. super emotional and steamy. also seen it approx 9 times
  3. Frida
    I saw this exactly one time but it changed my life and I have to see it again. Salma is literal divinity
  4. LOTR trilogy
    not because of the quality of this saga, or lack thereof, but because it's genuinely a feel-good experience for me to watch these and recite line for line the entire script from memory :)
  5. Last Night
    idk how to explain what I love about this movie- it's kinda screwed up in a lot of ways really- but I'm in love with Keira K and something about the aesthetic of it just does it for me
  6. How to Steal a Million
    I'm a sucker for famous old Hollywood movies, even though the casts are embarrassingly purely white. we'll call this one a guilty pleasure but I truly fell in love with Audrey when I saw this. I've re-watched maybe 15 times bc I love her comedic roles, and she wears Givenchy the entire time 🙏🏽
  7. Charade
    another oldie. another witty Audrey role. but I seriously love this movie. Cary Grant is hilarious to me and they're such good actors together. I like to watch this one every few years once I've had time to entirely forget how it ends
  8. Chicago
    no reason needed ? best film ever
  9. Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho
    cutest movie I've ever seen hands down. I remember it being super emotional, but as I have incredibly terrible memory, I need to watch it again
  10. Cidade de Deus
    only seen it twice but it's a phenomenal movie bye