they're not very original but this is what paved the way to what I am now
  1. Li Shang
    Mulan is me
  2. 2005 Rih
    I watched this again and again in middle school whenever I got a turn on the computer
  3. Diego Barrueco
    yeah he looks like The Ultimate Fuckboy but he's Spanish and yummy and everyone was obsessed with him in like 2011 because of tumblr
  4. Fernando Torres
    the Original Sexual Awakening. I can't even describe what this very photo did to me
  5. bonus fernando
    because throwback to when European countries would do corny but very sexy magazine editorials featuring their star footballers
  6. Penelope Cruz
    no words ???? between this movie and Volver I fucking died
  7. bonus Penelope
    Volver Penelope is too good to ignore
  8. Irina shayk
    one fateful day I stumbled upon Cristiano Ronaldo's then girlfriend and all of a sudden he didn't matter anymore in the slightest
  9. the captain
    holy hell I don't remember how many times I watched this movie because I was in love with him
  10. Peter Pan
    OBSEEEEESSED. OB. SESSED. this movie was probably my first awakening tbh because I could not. handle. that kiss. this boy was the love of my life
  11. Rihanna again, over and over
    anything she does/wears/says makes me lose my mind