1. Sobremesa
    conversation that takes place at the table after a meal
  2. tocaya
    a person who shares your name , not necessarily a namesake
  3. botellón
    basically public drinking
  4. pavoneo
    strutting your stuff, kind of like exhibitionism ?
  5. duende
    something magically charming or enchanting or beautiful
  6. resaca
  7. mimos
    ive no idea how to explain this but it's like a mixture of being spoiled / pampered/ cuddled
  8. tranquila
    use it as a command to tell someone to calm down or just as a filler word meaning "it's okay"
  9. murciélago
  10. merienda
    small meal after lunch and before dinner
  11. estrenar
    wear / exhibit /show something for the first time