stop lyin
  1. What is the best facial moisturiser ???
    Clinique u r badass but I want the best of the best
  2. Why are pigeons utterly terrifying ; furthermore, why do they inhabit this planet ???
    I need them gone or at least the reason why they're here
  3. Does anyone actually like sweet potatoes or are u all actually just dicks and pretending to so I feel left out
  4. How exactly does perfume work ??? Nothing I spray actually sticks to me so idk .....¿
    eternally pissed about this one
  5. how do airplanes fly tbh
    I remain unconvinced
  6. Are ppl who take the bible literally just set on pissing the rest of the world off ??? and they're actually sane individuals because the jokes a lil old now guys
  7. Is versace rly dead cause idk man
    maybe just wishful thinking on this one
    *stage whisper* *very aggressively because I'd genuinely like to know this one*