School is school and well this is how my day went
  1. I actually slept in
    7:15 was much later then I have slept for the majority of the summer so 7:15 was a dream
  2. School starts at 7:44 so no big deal
    Hop in the shower, brush the wet hair, it'll dry on the way
  3. Couldn't find my first class cause it was the lone wolf of class rooms apparently
    Room 211 didn't want to be found, in my opinion
  4. Then the teacher makes us take an ACT prep test
    *dies slowly*
  5. Try's to brush it off
  6. Math was alright
    He only gave us a 16 problem review
  7. Orchestra was a blessing
    My teacher let me hideout in the practice rooms and finish my annotations for the scarlet letter which I started a few days ago and wasn't yet finished. So blessed
  8. Lunch was edible, because I brought my own :)))
    I sat with a girl with a bruised lip. She's my best friend and looks like that elbow hit her pretty good :((
  11. Honors English
    *surprise the book I rushed to finish isn't due and here's a piece of paper write six word stories (I'll have to turn some of those beauts into a list someday... soon¿)
  12. Home home home home home
    @maryyhorne came home with me to get some water. I want my cute girl hydrated while she's out there playing tennis <3 love herrrr
  13. Soccer practice
  14. Homework
  15. Cello lessons
  16. Shower?
  17. And that's my day 🤘🏽
  18. Overall pretty productive and no awful first day stories from me this year