From today
  1. Went on a short run
    The run lead to a baseball game with @maryyhorne #umpswhereaprons
  2. Cleaned my car
    This was LONG overdue.... Had some nostalgic moments as the collection of summer memories piled up as I cleaned out the back seat.
    Found some straws that reminded me of la la land and the current Coldplay in my ears was replaced by the la la land soundtrack
  4. Saw my parents driving this 😂
    Don't mind the poor quality photo but that right there is a photo of my parents driving my brothers decked out just married jeep. My brother is currently on his honeymoon and seeing my parents in his jeep brightened my day. It made me wonder what there "just married" car looked like.
  5. Little notes <3
    My moms friend came by and asked how Desi Arnaz knew where I lived. In all reality @maryyhorne knew where I lived and left me this little note last week. Not sure how it lasted so long but I love it 💓