Hipster:a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream
  1. Currently being a "hipster" is a bigger trend but it is mainstream
    If you are a true hipster you don't do most mainstream things and therefore the things that are currently considered hipster are no longer truly hipster
  2. Hipsters are constantly doing new cool things
    The old hipster ways aren't hipster anymore, they are mainstream
  3. True hipsters start trends
    For example: Being a "hipster" is now a trend, succulents are now cool, ray bans and other larger frame glasses are now more mainstream and thrift shopping is more widely excepted.
  4. Therefore the word hipster is now slightly polluted
    True hipsters aren't what society typically calls a hipster anymore. And "hipsters" who are just doing things that actual hipsters do aren't actual hipsters