From David Chang's Burger Manifesto. Read more here:
  1. Truffles
    Save the truffles for a dish you can't eat at a rest stop.
  2. Salad
    Don't give me mesclun or any of that shit. It's iceberg or bust.
  3. Onions and Tomatoes
    Seriously, why not eat them as a salad on the side?
  4. Mustard
    It's too strong of a condiment. Ketchup is genius because it adds a salty-sweetness that is perfect for burgers.
  5. Brioche or pita buns
    That's just stupid. A crumpet is a tremendous vehicle for a burger though.
  6. Beets
    Australians are responsible for this. They fuck up burgers more than anyone in the world.
  7. Fried eggs
    Australians again.