the people in my life with raging consistency and moments they gave me
  1. An April night last year with too many lights and an inability to blink. We sat in your car and you told me it was ok. The joys of a 2 door down friendship.
  2. Sometime in January where rooftops were more comfortable than pillows and we screamed at the cars racing below
  3. One night at a cafe in early November, emotional distress turned to laughter. A night that turned into morning and conversations of trying and failing again. I learned the end of one story didn't have to be a grim one. Thank you. We both started new separately titled chapters that night, without tears.
  4. The other night, the two of you sat down, and my frazzled hair reached my eyes. You both asked to hear my words and listened and smiled and as worlds go mine quickly lit up. Never underestimate the simplicity and beauty of a genuine question.
  5. Nights are when I learn the most about the people I love and myself and the relationships in between. I am so very thankful for the deep running veins of getting to know someone like the back of your hand and them seeing each scar on mine.