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  1. ListApp
    This is seriously blowing my mind. Thanks for invite @oligear !
  2. Personal Blogs
    Preferably from people who live vastly different lives then me, possibly Christian stay at home moms and meninists. I cannot explain this, so I justify it as a character study?
  3. Improv
    Kind of a given as I'm trying to make a career out of it.
  4. Coffee
    I am so addicted it's stupid. Who said coffee? Wanna meet for coffee? Let's get coffee. Coffee coffee coffee! My fave places in Chicago are Dollop and Osmium coffee bar. Whole Foods has a good cold brew on tap and Starbucks just started carrying some that's actually pretty good. My favorite iced latte is at Peets, they put foam in the bottom so it's creamy and still tastes like a latte. Seriously it's so good.
  5. The Duggars
    I do not understand the Duggars and I am vastly opposed to many of their beliefs, especially because they are essentially in a cult. But you can bet your ass I watch their show and follow all of them on Instagram. Additionally there is this whole subculture on Instagram devoted to exposing the lies and hypocrisy of the Duggars and it is truly fascinating. There is a crazy website called FreeJinger that goes into even further detail. I'm worried about their oldest daughter, I hope she's happy!
  6. The Prison Industrial Complex
    I'm not obsessed with it, so much as I am obsessed with educating people about. I did my thesis on it in college, and I seriously will work this into so many conversations, especially with predominantly white groups of people. Because the system is an asset to us, we are not educated about its flaws, and it blows my mind how many of my white peers think our justice system isn't racist. Google Critical Resistance or Angela Davis for more info.
  7. GamerGate
    The amount of harassment women in the gaming industry deal with is crazy. Rape threats, stalkers, their personal info being leaked online, calling the SWAT team to their homes; it's insane. I'm working on a play about it because I think it's a very visceral example if the challenges women in society face.
  8. Blac Chyna vs. Kylie Jenner
    The subtle shade Chyna throws on Instagram is a work of art.
  9. Popcorn
    And all kinds of variations.
  10. My dogs
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    Basically the only reason I'm going home in two weeks. Don't tell my mom.
    I found my great-grandparents wedding certificate on there and cried.
  12. The crime section of
    Why am I so fascinated by this? What's wrong with me? Note to self: discuss w/therapist. Also get a therapist.
  13. Over-analyzing my roommate
    Where does she sleep 5 nights out of the week? Why does she think I will pay her portion of the gas bill? Does she truly think I will clean that mac and cheese out of the pit after it's been there for two weeks?
  14. T.V.
    I watch so much, it's dumb. Currently loving, the Blacklist, Modern Family, Scandal, SVU, Fresh off the Boat, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, New Girl, the Mindy Project, Last Man on Earth, Game of Thrones, the Leftovers, Girls, and the Jinx.
  15. Chicago.
    No place I'd rather be.
  16. Calvin Klein underwear set
    I am trying really hard to be Kylie Jenner so I bought boyshorts and a sports bra. I am never taking them off because they are so comfy it's insane
    Suggested by @oligear