Anxiety has no chill
  1. Hold an ice cube.
    That's all you'll be able to focus on
  2. Squirt lemon juice into the back of your throat.
    Seriously you'll only be able to focus on the sour taste
  3. Jump in and out of a really cold or really hot shower.
  4. Listen to very loud music in a different language.
  5. Call someone you love and describe the room you are in.
    Brings you back to the present instead of crazy anxiety land
  6. Pick a random book, and starting from the first page, count all the A's.
    Then b's, c's, etc. You'll get so focused on this you will forget your anxiety
  7. Do a workout that varies often.
    Also exercise is good in general!
  8. Challenge yourself to have the biggest panic attack possible.
    A lot of times, I panic about the fact that I am panicking. If I allow myself to feel anxious, it usually passes quickly.
  9. Allow yourself to experience and sit with your anxiety.
    Feelings are natural. It's ok!
  10. Tell a trusted friend who can help distract you.
    Shout out to Beth, Catherine, Laura, Erik, Ida, Dylan, Meme, Joe, Lindsay, and Julianne.
  11. Remember that this too shall pass.
    I know it doesn't feel like it. It will. And you will be stronger because of it.
  12. Xanax?
    Suggested by @sally